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This is a new Deore 12 speed derailleur.

There is some loss of tension in the pulley arm, with or without the clutch engaged and only for a few degrees of movement

With the clutch engaged: I shift in to an easier gear and there is tension in the pulley arm right from it's resting point. If I bang the bike on the ground the tension in the pulley arm at the start of it's movement is reduced enough that the chain can now contact the chainstay, If I shift to a harder gear ( smaller cog ) the play remains, when I shift in to an easier gear ( larger cog ) the tension resets itself at its resting point, until the chain bounces a bit and the tension is reduced again. So I'm basically getting chain slap as soon as I start to hit some bumps.

I have noticed that even with the clutch off there is the same degree of movement of very little tension in the beginning of the pulley arm movement.

I have inspected the clutch mechanism a few times now and taken it apart to try to identify the problem but there is nothing obvious.

Any ideas?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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