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Today is the last day for public comment. | Take Action Now or More Trails will Disappear in the Los Padres National Forest! Request Congresswoman Lois Capps Protect both Wildlands and Trails.

Lois Capps is now proposing a public lands protection bill - the Central Coast Wilderness Proposal (CCWP), which is to be part of her legacy. Currently this bill would designate additional Los Padres National Forest (LPNF) public lands with the 1964 "Wilderness" designation. Unfortunately, this particular Wilderness designation contains many "non-wilderness" loop holes which will grandfather in extractive industry and cattle ranching, severely reduce the ability to maintain trails (trails disappear), increase the cost of managing these lands by three to four times while not providing any funding, and will remove the low impact recreation of bicycling. Forty nine percent of the LPNF is already protected as Wilderness and much of the the remaining fifty one percent which the bill would designate as Wilderness does not quite fit the "wilderness" characteristic and is already protected as Back County Non-Motorized.
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