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Los Gatos Mountain Bike Poker Run: July 17

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I have no affiliation with this event, but I saw a flyer for it and it sounds pretty fun and a good cause. If it's anything like the New Belgium Urban Assault, I can attest that these events are a blast. This one starts in Vasona and ends there with a BBQ. Plus, they're raffling off an Ibis Tranny complete bike. I watch my kids on Saturday but I may show up just to win the bike!


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anyone doing this? sounds cool-thanks for the info
Great Event

My good friend Travis Bertelsen and his wife Kat are putting this event on. They have two adopted boys from Russia, Mark and Darren, who can ABSOLUTELY SHRED on mountain bikes!

Here's an article in the San Jose Mercury News about the boys' life before adoption, and what the event is all about:

There's going to be live music, free beer, BBQ from Los Gatos Meats, free beer, lots of fun games for the entire family, free beer, huge raffle prizes including a complete Ibis Tranny, a laptop computer and an electric scooter. Oh, and free beer :thumbsup:

Travis and Kat have worked really hard to put this together in order to help kids like their adopted boys have a better life in a very challenged part of the world. If you're in the area next weekend and want to meet some incredible people, have an unforgettable time, contribute to a noble cause and have a chance to win an INSANE mountain bike, head out to Vasona Park!
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Ok, this is the real deal. Travis and Kat have invested a lot of time and effort in this so let's rally and make it a huge success.

Costs and registration info is here:

Who is going to show up? We need some Bike Poker Party!!!

Got the go ahead yesterday when I saw this-I'm in-and starts late enough people can still go out night before and do bike party and still get up to do this ride! Beautiful!
I am disappointed I can't make this, as I love riding, and poker as well! And this is a great cause too.

I met Travis and Kat at a summer barbecue party 2 years ago, and their boys were riding around the yard on their BMX bikes. Travis told me about the Santa Clara PAL BMX races that his kids were doing, and we ended up taking my 4 year-old son there to ride a bunch of times that summer.
I'm considering going. I'm slow as hell, but it's for a good cause.
I'm slow, i'm signed up, and hoping to win the bike! should be fun, Los Gatos Meats is great foods, and the loop is good.
I'm bad with maps...can anyone tell me total distance of this ride? and how much longer the extra part of the ride is where you can change cards if you choose to ride it? Everytime I pull up the map I just see a map of vasona park....thanks
Map of St Joe

Here is a map. Hope this helps. You will see the trail called Novitiate and manzanita. Those go to the top of the hill. It is not too long and not too hard to climb. Maybe 3 miles at best?
From the park to the bottom of St. Joe's is about 4 mi of LG Creek Trail. So maybe 14 mi. total for the whole thing? I'm about 80% in, and if I do it, it'll be with a 3 yr. old acting as captain and cardholder in the kiddie seat.
That distance sounds about right. There is only about 3-4 miles of trails in St Joes once your on the hill and on the dirt. Would be a tough climb up St Joe's with a baby seat but at least not too rough on the kid. The trail is mostly flat and easy from the picnic area. I wonm;t be able to attend due to SV Endurance race at Ft Ord. I did buy some raffelt tickets to win a bike so I can give the loaner back. good luck to those biking it.
pmarshall said:
I did buy some raffelt tickets to win a bike so I can give the loaner back. good luck to those biking it.
Oh $h!t man, i'm already going to win that bike! my fault, sorry! ;-)
Oh ok that's cool. Just tell me your address, time you won't be home and I'll take care of it. Umm kay? Thanks. Does the Ibis Tranny dress as one bike but really underneath it is entirely a different bike? Has me thinking.
yeah man, i hadn't known anything about it till i read after signing up- seems pretty nice. even if no one i know walks away with it, i may see if i can demo one- i like versatility and traveling with my mtn bike...
Sounds fun... (Similar to K-max) I am about 80% in and planning to have my 3 year old as a co-pilot in the Chariot. I'll be slow... but this is a run not a race, correct?
Rad. We'll have our own category! We can race each other. Prizes can be Play-doh, Goldfish, Juice Boxes....
I am in a far away land but it looks like I will make it for the BBQ. I will bring some monies and I hope to see you all there.

If you cannot make the ride, support the cause and follow the pay pal links to make a donation.
I would love to do an event like this, but I'll be stuck up at MBO, drat the luck ;)
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