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3 for 3 DH race wins for the Lopes/Mojo combo.

It would be very interesting to see how he'd place in a WC or US National Championship DH on the Mojo.

When did DH travel get longer than 4 inches? The GT LTS (ridden by Lopes I think), Santa Cruz Heckler, and Turner Burner were all 4 inches in travel and competitive in the US pro DH races until the late '90's or later. Wasn't it Schwinn who brought the 8 Banger Lawwill suspension design that lead the longer travel DH evolution in the early 2000's?

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Lopes rides with 4". :devil:

M1 I believe was the big travel breaker for DH, everyone was slapping there badge on them. Then Outlaw wasnt far behind Sunn was doing some crazy stuff, Jamis had a whacked CF DH rig, wowzerz good memories. :cornut::cornut:

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This is Avalanche!
Enduro style DH!
+20 min at 100%! You`ve got to have go technical skills, great lungs... and also luck.

Mojos, Meta 666, Nomads, Prophets MX, Lapierres new Zesty, etc they are all great bikes to compete on this type of races.

180/160 or 180/180 brakes
2,35 front and rear (normally highrollers kind in the front and some higher rollers like the Larsen 2.35 on the rear).
Chainrings in the 36/38 t
Bikes for wining must weigh below 14,5kgs
Ohh... and of course the truly and only Seatpots adjustable! (maverick, CB, GD, AMP... what ever!)It`s essential!

Up... to pedal HARD!
Down... to do technical stuff!

Done some DH marathon races... and LOVE IT! Quiet different from DH, a lot more fun!
Crowded trails...ehhehe it`s completely insane!
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