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Loose seal

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Just returned from a race and noticed that one of the green seals on my '09 Flux, had partially popped out. I loosened the bolt and popped it back in with my finger, and tightened the bolt again.

Seems like it sits tight in there now, when I compress the damper - but has anyone else tried this? Would it help to put some grease on the seals? - though the grease put through the zerks should be enough?

I then tried to move and rotate all the other seals - they too can rotate and partially "pop out" if I try - is this normal or is something not tightened correctly?

The bike has only been out about 5 times - so it's as good as new.

Hope you can help clear things out - thanks! :)
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Totally normal and nothing to be concerned about.
It's just meant to keep contaminates out...not critical to the pivots performance at all. If you notice one that is misaligned...just tweak it back into place :)
Phew, that's one less thing to worry about then :)

Thanks for the quick reply, jn!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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