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Loose Garmin GPS mount

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I've been riding with my Garmin Exrex Vista gps for a few months now. On my last ride, the GPS turned off. It shut off due to the mount being loose and causing the batteries to not make a connection. I am using the standard Garmin handle bar mount. I've even placed a piece of plasic bubble wrap as packing to help prevent the back of the GPS mount from moving around (I placed the bubble warp inside ontop of the batteries). That worked for a few rides, but now it appears it is back to it's old tricks.

Has anyone experienced this before? I like the GPS, but it's useless if it turns off all of the time.

Any recommendations would be appreciated.


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sounds like the batteries got wet and shrunk:smilewinkgrin:

seriously, you could try a RAM mount but if the battery door is too loose it will still shake the batteries loose. Did you keep the original battery door? there may also be a variance in battery diameters, I've never checked. Lastly, wrap electrical tape around the batteries to make a tighter fit
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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