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loon lake trail

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Well, my girlfriend and myself went to the lake Saturday. We went on foot b/c I was not sure if she would be able to ride it.. Right now the flowers are blooming and the sights and smells are very nice. We started the hike via crossing the bridge and walking through the burnt out section, very nice views. Any way, I do not believe they should be putting that this trail as a beginner. There is no way. I don’t really consider my self a beginner, but if you do the loop and follow the creek back there are some sketchy sections that would make my butt pucker. I would not recommend you take someone with you that just rides the green belt or a few trails.. This is not a "Beginner" trail. Some of you will differ but try and think back when you were just starting out. One more thing, if you plan on going and stopping for any amount of time bring bug spray. We couldn’t even stop to eat. I look like I have chicken pocks I was bitten so much. Over all very nice trail.. Lake.. ahh there are better ones. Plus the campers ruin the feel.
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the campers ruin the feel.
They were 200' from the lake, right? ( gets her LNT up)

Loon Lake is probably one of the more popular trails in Idaho. Back country, yes; solitude, no. I have never been there when there haven't been other users: other bikers, hikers, backpackers and horses.
I have never seen more toilet paper littering an area than loon lake.

I hiked the loop and remember some good rocks etc on the trail. I agree it is not a beginner trail.
It's stiff for a beginner trail and soft for an intermediate trail. You do the math.

At least you didn't use IMBA to locate the trail. Somebody was out riding then they should have been in geography class.


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