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Looking to upgrade a RS Dart 3. NEED HELP!

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I am currently seeking to upgrade to a better fork. I want to stay under $400 if possible. My two choices are:

1.) 2006 (OEM) Rock Shox Revelation 409 Air U- Turn W/Pushloc $200
2.) 2008 (OEM) RockShox 2008 Tora 318 Solo Air $207
both 100-130mm travel

Maybe not a great fork but has to be better then a RS Dart 3 120mm
Suggestions for other forks would be helpful
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You can get a Fox for under $400... eBay item # 370309049376, for example. (Not mine)

Just need a spacer in the spring side to drop it to 120mm...
Thanks but no thanks

I like the look and the performance of fox forks, but I would prefer to stay as far away from fox as possible. I have a Fox 32 F120 on my Specialized Epic and In the last 2 years its been in the shop or sent back to Fox 2x's. I have a few people I ride with that have had the same problem in several different Fox models. I have a Rock Shox on my Motobecane and my Trek and they have been solid for 1+ years.

Both of the RS forks are solid, but the Revelation is the better of the two. So is it a new 2006 OEM fork?

PS-I have no love for Fox either...both from personal experience and from being a warranty manager

Yeah, they are both brand new. However, the Revelation has v-brake posts on front.
Well, if you can live with the brake posts...the Revelation has some advantages over the Tora (besides weight) such as adjustable floodgate on the damper and on the fly travel adjustment.
Ya you could get something newer for less than $400. I just found some 2010 RockShox Recon U-Turn's for $367.

I'm personally a Marzocchi fan and their 2010 stuff was built with reliability being a primary concern. From what I read here I don't know if Rock Shox had the same idea. They also have a lot simpler modeling scheme then RS. Not 16 different models for one line of fork.

With that said here are the Zokes in your price range:
2010 22 RLO. An entry level fork (pretty poor damping) with rebound adjustment and lock out. It also has steel stanchions so it's going to be kind of heavy. 100mm of NON adjustable travel. Only $168.

2010 44 RLO. This has rebound adjust and lock out just like the 22 but uses aluminum stanchions instead of steel so it's going to be lighter. Internally adjustable between 100-120mm of travel. You can also buy additional spacers from Marzocchi to spec the fork at 80 or 140mm of travel. It still kind of lacks in the damping department though. $258.

2010 44 TST2 Air. The best 2010 fork you can get in your price range. TST2 has a bit better damping than the forks above. Like floodgate for RS, TST2 allows you to gradually set the blowoff valve for the lockout. Internally adjustable between 120-140mm of travel. $348.

Also, both of the 44 series forks use an air spring so you don't have to fiddle with finding the right coil for your weight. Just add or remove air. All forks from all manufacturers need to be serviced on an interval for proper performance. Fox's issue: less oil=less weight but also means more intervals of service.
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RS Recon SL Air for $240 (You missed the sale for $150 a couple weeks ago.)

WW also has the Tora you're looking at for $190.
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