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Im looking to replace my sherman. Shes about had it, and I dont know whats out there anymore. Or I guess I should say whats best in my spending/wants. I do lite freeride ( and not much XC ), and I dont want to go over 150mm and needs to be 20mm. Id like to stay around 400-500 MAX. I would also not mind getting something used. So base the recommendation off of msrp.

I was looking at the pike 426, but where'd they go? ( see haha it has been a long time for me since Ive shopped around ) I think I read someone said that the argyle took its place?

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I think I read someone said that the argyle took its place?

The current Argyle RCT more or less is a Pike, Pike lowers and uppers, similar damper to the old 426. The only significant difference is the spring which is a Solo Air rather than Dual (this is good, Solo Air is very easy to live with).

The Sektor RL 20mm is right up your street, it's basically a cheaper version of the current Revelation with Solo Air and the simple Motion Control damper again. I've got one of these with 150mm travel and 20mm Maxle.

Only had it a few weeks, but first impressions are that it's... just like a Pike, but very slightly lighter. Doesn't feel any different tracking/action wise, should be pretty reliable too as it's not exactly complicated inside.

Don't know about US pricing, but you might be able to get a 20mm Manitou Minute for under $500 too. The current minute is an excellent fork.
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