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looking to replace me saddle on mt 2010 stumpy jumper

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this is what came with it new..specialized Format, hollow Cr-Mo rails, SL foam, S/M: 130mm L/XXL:143mm
i ride 50/50 road and trails. and weight 270..
i am looking for a more comfortable one any suggestions?
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Only thing worked for me was to buy a few seats from a place that has no issue with returns, ride a couple days on each and keep the best one. I have the Serfas RX Saddle and its working well for me, I dont think it will last a really long time though since its Lycra covered. I am 6'4" 305
WTB Demo Program!!

I recently built a new bike, I demo'ed multiple saddles before making the final choice. I rode at least 4 different WTB Saddles for a couple of days each. The WTB Rocket V was by far the most comfortable for my Clyde rear (6'3 235) . WTB has a demo program available with most of it's LBS's that carry their products. See if you can find an LBS that has the demo program and try several out. Saddles are truly up to the individual and what fits one guy, may not be comfortable for another. This is one decision you really need to make on your own. The more demo's the better if you can arrange it. I strongly suggest as many test rides as possible, there are only three contact points on a bike, they all need to as comfortable as possible, especially the arse. WTB has multiple saddles in many configurations, don't hesitate to look at the WTB ladies seats as well (they are built for wider sit bones). Spend what you can and get one that fits and is comfortable, it will keep you riding more and longer!! Hope this helps.

Happy Holidays
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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