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So I am a little confused. I am new to the site and new to repairing and maintaining bikes.

I have a Sram 11-32 8 speed cassette with a sram x-4 rear derailer. I have a Shimano sis index front derailer and crankset and Shimano CN-HG50 chain. Shifting is not been great so I am looking to replace the chain and might need to replace the cassette. Everything I read is that you should match the chain with the cassette. But why did mine come stock with these different parts. Which chain should I be looking for?

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IME with 8-speed gear mixing and matching is fine, because that level of drivetrain was introduced before the higher tech, uber narrow mega cog stuff. Which include more complex shift-enhancing ramps & channels & such.

Personally I used SRAM & KMC chains successfully with my 8-speed drivetrains. Some of these were SRAM cassettes, some were Shimano. All shifted fine.

The important thing is to match the intended speeds — 8-spd chain w/8-spd cassette, etc.
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