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I have a 2003 Hollowpoint expert with Fox AVA (no propedal or lockout). The DW link suspension works pretty well. However, when I am out of the saddle or pedaling uphill really hard, I can't help but feel it suck up some energy.

Looking for feedback on a different shock for the rear that might be worth trying. Specifically:

1. I have never used a lockout and do not know how much those who do have one actually use it. I understand that locking out the shock will turn off rear suspension, but what adv/disadvantages do people who use them find? Is it worth having for my design?

2. propedal feature: Does the propedal work as well as advertised? Is it a significant improvement over the non-propedal AVA that I currently have?

The 2004 IH bikes come with Prog 5ths. Any comparisons to 2003 AVA would be appreciated. How do Prog 5th compare to FOX propedal shocks?

Have not really considered any other shocks, but input is appreciated. :confused:


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Push Industries

If you're looking to upgrade your shock, probably the best option and definitely the cheapest is to send your AVA to Push Industries for custom platform upgrade. They completely gut the shock and replace everything with custom made parts speced just for you and your bike. They install a more sophisticated 2 stage piston with separate slow and high speed rebound damping circuits, a zero bleed piston bolt that pushes more oil flow through the main valving for more controlled response, shim stacks setup for your bike and weight, all new urthane seals for more durability and less stiction, new oil and nitrogen charge. When it's all said and done, you have a shock that is custom tuned just for you at a fraction of the cost of a new shock. It's really a no-brainer for anyone with an older Fox looking to upgrade. Highly recommended. (look under "Services")
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