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I am coming out to Wausau to race the solo category at 24 Hours of Nine Mile on August 2nd and 3rd. I am trying for a podium position, and would like to hire mechanical support. I will have two or three bikes. Basically, I need someone who is willing to stay up for 24 hours to clean, lube, and fine adjust the bikes I'm not out riding on, and maybe help out with other miscellaneous stuff. You will need to provide a stand, all tools, pumps, etc. I will bring my supply of spare parts and tires.

I will have my wife and parents with me for support as well, so you will have company. We are nice and easy to get along with.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know would be interested. I am willing to pay $300 or more and provide food and beer depending on your credentials and services offered.

Thanks for your consideration.

- Steve
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