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Can someone please post the route they did at this years Spring Fling in Tuscon Mt Lemmon in Tucson.

I also read the Visitors read here first post the information that I found was:
Prison Camp to
Molino Basin to
Is this the same route you folks took for the Spring Fling.

Here is the URL the ride it looked great.

A few questions.
My friend and I are going down to Tuscon and would like to what route to take to do this ride.

Where is the best place to camp.

Is shuttling required or can this be done with by just riding your bike up the mountain.
We normally are able to ride flag and take the fire road to the top of mount Elden so we are in decent shape.

Is there a map I can download anywhere

Any info would be appreciated.

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There is no need to shuttle. You can easily ride up the highway to the trailhead in an hour, or so.
The start of the ride is pretty straight forward. Ride up the mountain until you get to Prison Camp (Now named Gordon Kawabushi, or something like that). About halfway back into the campground, you will see the trailhead on your left. Stay left, and this trail will take you down to the Molino Basin campground. Now you need to go directly across the highway, and take the AZ Trail up, and up, and UP. It's a pretty long hike-a-bike, maybe 20-30 minutes. This goes to a saddle, with great views. Go down the backside of the saddle, and now the trail gets interesting. Lots of fun, if you like technical riding. Lots of walking, if you don't. Personally, I love it. Stay on this trail for a couple miles. Eventually, you will come to a big metal watertank. The trail goes left, and up. Climb to the top of this hill, go down the other side, and you will cross a creek, immediately followed by a metal gate. Go roughly another 200 yards beyond the gate, and you will see the Milagrosa cutoff on your right. There is no signage, only a pile of rocks. Milagrosa will take you all the way to the bottom of the mountain. Once the trail ends, you will need to ride the dirt road out to the paved road. Take a right, and this will lead you back to the highway where you are parked. You can park closer to the end of the trail, but that's a whole other set of directions.

You can camp at Prison Camp. Molino Basin campground is much nicer, but it will be closed for the summer.
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