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Looking to buy 2007 Rockhopper Comp Disc

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Well my LBS just received in a 2007 Silver Rockhopper comp disc, it looks mostly unchanged with the exception of all Shimano Deore components, same fork as 2006, same BB5 discs. The decals arent as cool as the 2006 model, they can also order it for me in red though. I didnt notice any indation of M4 on the frame like someone previosly stated it may have, they pretty much opened the box right in front of me for it since it just came in.
I really wanted a 2006 but none of the LBS in the area have them. My friend purchased a 2007 Base Rockhopper with the Vbrakes and really enjoys it, his also has the shimano components, he picked his up in blue for about $480 + tax, For the comp disc the guy told me $800 + tax, just wondering if this is a good deal for what it comes with, not sure if it is overall an upgrade and worth the $800 + tax will come out to almost $890, I offered cash but he wouldnt budge on the tax or price.

Thanks for any insight.
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yeah they didnt do m4 for the production run, i think the prototypes were m4 since they appeared that way in the early release catalog. some of the pics on the 2006 site for the stumpjumper ht show the sticker on the frame say m5 but the bike is m4, they seem to do that a lot
Yep, the '07 definitely is not m4. Saw pics of some guys 07 rockhopper comp disc on another forum and it has a big A1 sticker on the frame. Although curiously the 07 rockhopper frame looks very similar to the 06 stumpjumper frame with the round tubes.

Also they down speced the fork a bit (tora 318 for 06 to a tora 302 for the 07) and changed the crank from truvativ to a shimano. Thats about the only changes I could tell from the guys pics.
This years 302 is better than the '06.

There's some trickle down technology in the Tora range, with the 2007 Tora 289 being the same as this years model up, the Tora 302. The 302 gets Turnkey lockout and the top 318 model stays the same.

BTW, Ordered a '07 RH Comp Disc myself. Should be here next week. :thumbsup:
I just bought 2 Rockhopper comp disc. One for me and one for my wife. I got the 2006 model year. I got lucky as the owner of the LBS had taken a womens version home to his wife to try out for a few days and she didn't like it so he sold it to me for $550. Still looked brand new. I wanted it in the silver color that the regular comps come in but I wanted disc breaks. The owner said he would take the brakes off my wife and swap them with the V-brakes that mine came with and sell me mine for $699. Well that wouldn't work as my wife bike wouldn't accept the V-brakes (missing a braket on the frame). Well the owner kept his word and pulled the disc brakes off another comp disc and put them on mine. So my Wife and I both got disc brakes in the color I wanted $550 for hers $699 for mine. I thought it was a great deal. He still made lots of money on the deal, he showed me his cost and it was $496 for my Wifes and $443 for mine.
Nice deal. I couldn't find a LBS around here that had any '06 models left (except for one 13"). Ended up paying $799 for mine and $429 for my wife's '07 Rockhopper (base).
Squidboy said:
This years 302 is better than the '06.


BTW, Ordered a '07 RH Comp Disc myself. Should be here next week. :thumbsup:
From you link it says they just added lockout to the '07 tora 302. I thought the '06 tora 302 already had the lockout feature and the main upgrade from 302-318 was that the 318 has the motion control damping.

Another reason I think they went with the 302 for the 07 might have something to do with the weight. Read somewhere that specialized wanted to make the rockhopper line more for xc, and simply switching the fork to a 302 the bike loses close to 100g. Pure speculation on my part, but it seems plausable
I am having a hard time deciding on getting a 06 comp disk right now, with a discount but most of it would go on credit, or waiting for a 07 (which is still snazzy looking).

I know that i can upgrade the drivetrain easily on the 07, but i am wondering what the deal with the frame is, is the 07 better? Is it that much lighter/stronger? I want to know :)
I could have sworn the fork on the 2007 Rockhopper comp disc said 318 and this was right out of the box so its not like they swapped it, i'll have to take another look. I am still not happy about the almost $900 pricetag with tax but I have been too lazy to drive all the way out to other dealers to get a quote.
No, i saw one today, and it definitly said 302.

BTW i bought my 06 and the dealer gave me 10% off 799, so i am very happy.
Mordy said:
No, i saw one today, and it definitly said 302.

BTW i bought my 06 and the dealer gave me 10% off 799, so i am very happy.
Picked mine up last night, and it also says 302 (SL). Rear derailleur has also been downgraded to Deore from LX on the '06.
@ Squidboy

Congratulations on your new bike. Could you maybe post some pics?

I still have to decide if I should buy the 06 now or wait for the 07. Pics of the 07 might help me with that decision...
I picked up my 06 rockhopper comp last friday and am loving it. Too bad I couldn't find ne lbs with a comp disc tho. But I guess I'll upgrade to disc brakes when the time comes.

Quick question ne tricks to set the preload on the fork?? I'm spinning the knob towards + and - on the fork, and don't know what setting I should leave it at. Also can I adjust the travel on the forks??

My first mountain bike so ne help would be great.
that is one SWEET ride, i was for sure going to get 06 comp disc but now im reconsidering heheh.
I just picked up my new '07 Rock Hopper Comp Disc for $600. It came w/ the Rock Shox Dart 3 fork. Pre-load, cmp, and rebound adjustable. :thumbsup: Looks killer in all's my little stealth bomber. :D
whoa dude you must have gotten ripped off!! ^^ the 07 comp disc comes stock with tora 302.
HotRodvw That's a Rockhopper Disc you purchased, not Rockhopper Comp Disc. The Comp disc only comes in Silver or Candy Apple Red.
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