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looking for trails in the greenville area...

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whats up people,
i recently decided to buy a another bike and start riding again.... I'm looking for some places other than the swamp rabbit and a few cut offs through that area. I have yet to go ride Paris mtn I'm don't really know where the stuff is at. I have rode at timons park, but that was a mistake as i had to dodge the fellow disk golfers.... thanks
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Go to Paris Mtn and suffer until you get some fitness.
planned on being there tomorrow.. and thanks but you don't know anything about my fitness level
Does Croft dry up quickly after rain?

I am planning on going to Croft for the first time on Friday. I see rain in the forecast for Thursday. I know none of y'all are probably weather men or women, but do you think I should be ok to bike on Friday if we don't get a really hard rain Thursday?

Are some tracks better than others at drying? Any suggestion are welcome.

Umm... at least when I lived there (about a year and a half ago...) Croft stayed pretty soupy for a few days after rain... not what I'd call fast drying... still fun though.

As far as the OP goes, go to Paris. You'll love it regardless of your fitness level.
is it pretty easy to navigate through there?
Mr. Fitness let me know how you feel after climbing some of the stuff out there.
DBTrailRider420 said:
is it pretty easy to navigate through there?
Yeah, it's pretty easy now...there are even trail maps posted in places. For your first trip, you might want to park at the Buckhorn Gate. So just keep driving on the main road after you pay your $2, until you come to a gate and can't go any farther. There is a small amount of parking there. You'll see trails branching off from there and I think it would be pretty hard to get lost.

The next time you come you could park down by the restored bathouse and take the trail from there all the way up to the area descibed in the above paragraph. To me, coming back down that is the most fun thing at PMtn.

I used to love Timmons for after work...that's funny you mention the frisbee guys...they didn't seem to like us much. I think they decided hitting a moving target was more fun than the regular "holes". ;-)

Remember it's closed on Saturday.
theres a lot of good trails up in paris mountain and all are clearly easily readable.
my recomendation is to attempt to ride up

heres a trail map

my favorite way to ride there is park at the sulphur springs trailhead. across the street you will see an entrence of the trail and you ride it up the entire sulpur springs trail. trust me, its a pain to climb. after you climb it, theres a place where people park and there are two trail entrences you can go in. if you are short on time but still want fun, go onto the firetower trail. once you get all the way up there, read about the old fire house when you rest and then you get to go down. you can pick up a bit of speed and there are a lot of corners towards the middle and end of the trail. also, yeild to those that are climbing that trail because they need all the momentum possible.
or you can go onto the brissy ridge trail and make your way onto the pipisewa trail then around the resrvior trial then back all the way up. my bike registered 12 miles when i didthat and it was the hardest i've ever done. i came unprepared with water and ran out a little 3/4 the way back up. well, once if you complete the firetower trail or the epic ride thru brissy/pip/and resivior you just get to go down sulpur springs trail.

its a lot of fun and never gets old.
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thanks everybody.. but TC you can go **** your self you dont know my back ground.. or how many years i raced BMX before the years i lived at snowshoe and mammoth.. so **** off...go harass little kids at the park.
haha litespeedchick.. i say that because im one of those people that play disk golf at timmons...and then ride after playing 18
Dude you got some anger problems. If saying go suffer and get your fitness up means f off, let me know the next time you will be at Paris Mtn. I will be sure to be there to see your skills for myself.
well maybe i jumped to it a lil early but your really have no clue of my fitness level. so i apologize and we can end this thread here.
DB I was not trying to belittle your fitness. It does not matter how fit you are, everyone suffers. I make it a point to suffer every ride. Let me know the next time you are riding Paris.
Wow, road Paris Mountain and I think I had an out of body experience. Some of those uphills are not for the weak. At points my legs just would not move and I had no choice but to walk my bike like a little girl. My mission now is to go back and be able to tackle those hills without getting off the bike once. Off course while I was out there the ground was still pretty wet which didn't help, but I still have a ways to go. Anyways, I thought it was a great trail system and can't wait to get back out there and kill myself again!
I went to timmons Saturday evening and I couldn't find the bike trail... well, I may have found it but couldn't tell it from the frisbee-golf paths. Does anyone here still ride timmons? :D
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