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Looking for the best bike shorts to go under baggy shorts

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I've got a pair of Pearl Izumi baggy shorts. I bought them about a year ago. They came with a grey lining short. The lining short is OK but not great.

The guy that I bought the shorts from recommended the Pearl Izumi Comfort Liner. He said that's what he used.

So I've been using the Pearl Izumi comfort liner for about a year. It's pretty good but I wanted to check with other members of this forum to get your opinion on the best liners or shorts to wear under baggies. Pearl Izumi comfort liner is pretty good but I've got to think that there's something better....
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PI makes a liner that uses their high-end chamois. Not sure what it's called, but it came on my Titan shorts I bought a few yrs ago. It's been great. Good, open mesh, and a comfy chamois (albeit a bit thick...not sure your preferences there).
I dont know what everyone else is wearing but I have had excellent results wearing 8 panel lycra roadie shorts with a chamois under my baggies .
Pearl Izumi also has the ELITE Versa Liner Short, not sure if it's the same thing as the Comfort Liner. I've been using Izumi liners for years and have yet to find any better.
I have a pair of the performance bike ultras. They fit better then the pearls for me, and they don't make me feel like I'm waring a diaper, and they aren't hot.
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