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Looking for places to ride around Denver

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I'm from MN, just spent 3 days in Crested Butte, and now I'm in Denver through Monday. This rain is killing me, but in the event that it stops, could someone let me know a couple of good beginner/intermediate places to ride Sunday or Monday? If anyone feels like giving me a tour, that'd be swell, too. ;-) I wish I'd have known about this site before I ended up in CB. I spent 3 days riding by myself, but seeing lots of people who looked like they'd be fun to ride with. I just started last summer, so I'm not that great yet, but I absolutely love it.

Also, I know if the trails are too wet I shouldn't ride them, so trail conditions, or what you think they might be like, would help, too.

One more thing...I'm headed back to MN either Monday or Tuesday, so if anyone's north of Denver, or in Boulder, or someplace else on my way out of town where there's a good trail, let me know that, too. I'm not stuck in Denver, is what I'm tryin' to say, not so succinctly.

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If you are looking for beginner to intermediate riding around the Front Range; I would suggest Buffalo Creek area. Just do a search on the forums here and you will find plenty of information. In my opinion most of the Front Range riding near the Denver Metro area would be difficult for beginner/intermediate riders. Besides the Buffalo Creek/Pine Valley Ranch area is some of the most buffed out single track I have ever ridden. The majority of the riding around the Boulder/Golden/Morrison area is great, but technically difficult and steep.
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