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Looking for new fork

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Hi, I have a 200? model gary fisher tassajara and i'm looking to upgrade forks. I would like to keep it under $300. What would be my best choice?
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Look at some closeouts on 2008 models, and keep the travel in the 80mm-100mm range.

Does your Tass use v-brakes or disc...a lot of forks are disk specific these days so if your using v-brakes make sure the fork has brake studs.

I personally like the RS Tora 318 Solo Air for under $300 and it can be found for as low as $210 at Cambria Bike (disc only though). Models with brake studs can be had in the $260 range at other places.
yes it is v-brake. Thanks alot for the advice. I'll definitely look into that.
You can get the '07 Marzocchi Corsa WC for a little more than $300. It was a $700+ fork, retail. It's light and worked well...

Disclaimer: Myself and a coworker ordered the fork at the same time. His came in working great, although mine initially was way too firm from the factory. I replaced the oil with a lighter weight and less volume. Ended up working great. And mine weighed less than 3.5 lbs with an uncut steer tube, which is less than they advertise.

Depending on your riding style, the extra money spent on a more lightweight (~.75lb) fork than the Tora might make the Corsa a suitable option.

And yes they include the mounts for V-brakes (at least mine did)
what do you think about the Marzocchi XC 700, TST2, Eta '07?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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