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Heya guys! So I recently just started Trail Biking and would love to develop to Enduro. I've been riding my uncle's mtb for the past month and a half.

it has a GTS M5 frame, sr suntour (forgot the model) fork, Altus/Alivo group, non-series shimano hydros, MOB hubs and pedals, and kenda tires.

it's pretty heavy and the groupset is pretty rusty now. Thinking if getting my own bike so I wouldn't have to keep borrowing.

So far my choices are

1. GT Avalanche
2. GT Karakoram
3. Cannondale Trail 7 (either the 26 or 29 option)
4. Merida Big.Nine 20 D

I live in the Philippines and these bikes seem to be in budget. Converted to USD, I've have around $500 to cash in this new bike.

Help would be appreciated! Thanks!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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