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Looking for local supporters in the New England Area,

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Please dont delete. Im just trying to spread a good word about a legit opportunity to help our biking community. Please read below and post your feedback. I really didnt know where to post since I wanted to spread the word. I certainly dont want to ruffle any feathers. PLease let me know if I have broken any rules.

Being born and raised in New England, I have a great appreciation for this area of the country. Allthough its a love/hate relationship, many of us realize at one time or another how much New England has to offer. We all have traveled to other parts of the country and realized we have some of the best moutain biking terrain, parks, mountains, and trail systems.

I have been riding all my life and just recently it has become somewhat of an obsession. From dropping over $2500.00 for a new rig, blowing off work to head up to Highland Mountain, building stunts in my backyard or ripping the local single track afterwork. At some point we all realize how much work goes into this sport. So this is why im posting here.

Since I have an addiction of wearing logoed t-shirts, I decided to create a t-shirt that represents what the New England rider is and what it stands for. The "NE Rider" is an idea I came up with to help with the associated costs that organizations accrue while trying to keep our sport fresh for all of us to enjoy in the NE area. This is not a Romainian credit card skimming scam or a Nigerian million dollar inheritance fraud, it's a legit idea to help all of us riders in New England better the places we ride. We don't want to ever loose them.

Here's the pitch....with every sale of a shirt, we will set aside $5.00 in a "cookie jar". When that fund is large enough (a number yet to be determined) we will donate these funds to a organization(NEMBA, HIGHLAND, DESIEL BIKES, KINGDOM TRAILS) to name a few. There are some specifics to work out, but thats the plan. We will be contacting everyone with full details as this moves forward.

Its pretty simple, open your wallet, grab a $20.00 spot, help a local venue and sport your fresh looking shirt proudly.

As an introductory price to MTBR members, we are offering the first 20 shirts at a discounted price of $17.00 + $3.00 S/H. We are in the process of have the shirts printed as we speak. We are using PayPal for quick, secure purchasing. Sizing is standard S,M,L,XL,XXL(if you need a BIG BOY let me know)

Shipping will be $4.00 dollars. So for $21.00 you help a good cause and get a fresh shirt o your door step.

Please contact me with any questions or comments: [email protected]
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sounds pretty cool for a quick/unfinished run-down. i think you should get some lbs involved too. try having them sell some shirts as well so more than just people from this forum see it. maybe add some more color choices as well.
danwrzesinski said:
sounds pretty cool for a quick/unfinished run-down. i think you should get some lbs involved too. try having them sell some shirts as well so more than just people from this forum see it. maybe add some more color choices as well.
Agreed, I go hit all the LBS. I'd take a couple shirts in a second if they were black & white..I like the logo but the colors are abit to rough for me..(Ugly IMO).Good luck, and let me know if I can help with anything..............CF.
Thanks for the support. We will be printing up more designs and colors in the near future. We are just getting started.

Thanks for the feedback,
If this is the guy I believe it to be, hes a stand up guy and true to his word!

Good luck with this Craig. Count me in for a large when you get some different colors done up.
Hello, Just getting back to you. The t shirts are in. Please let me know what size you want and I can send them out to you.

Please specify size when ordering

$17.00 + $3.00S/H = $20.00 for a good cause.

Paypal: [email protected]

Thanks, Craig
We are proud to announce that initial sales are going well and local supporters are helping with our mission. Dont be left behind, grab your tee.

Thanks, Craig
Just an update we have a good amount of tee's on hand . We're looking for more supporters.

We're also working on the website for sales, updates and blogs. We hope we can grow with all of your help.

Craig - Spread the word
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We've had a good start to our mission but we will always need more supporters. Please help support our cause.

Heres an update, we've raised over $60.00 since last Wed. It may not sound like much but its a start and it lets us know people are willing to help out anyway they can. Although some may not like the colors, New Englanders are stepping up to help our cause.

Please wear your shirt proud and let everyone know what stands for. tell your friends, family, wear them to your LBS and spread the word.

Thanks, Craig
Good news we have support from diesel bikes. checkout their front page

I got my shirt yesterday, its very nice and for a great cause. Dont knock the guy for not having time for trail repair. He is trying to help and promote the sport we all love.
We still have some tee's left, we are hoping to sellout our first batch soon.

We are proud to announce, we are making our first donation to Diesel bikes. We have been in contact with them and they have been great supporting us with their website and making it into the monthly newsletter. New Englanders have been great and would like to thank everyone personally. We can only move forward with our mission.

I believe we have sold to over 5 states including Colorado( he used to live in Mass). Tell you friends, help a rider.

Lets have another wave of buyers so we can make additional donations and keep the support going. Feel free to email me at: [email protected].

Any local bike shops in Northern Mass or Southern NH carrying these yet.
I want one.
We have not started selling them in LBS yet. I live in N. mass and close to S. NH.

PM sent
Hey Espin,

I got a proposal for you but I posted it in this thread:

as it's related

espin said:
We have sold to Colorado( he used to live in Mass) [/email].

Yep, Got mine in the mail. Happy to support the cause of my former local riding areas!

In person, the colors are pretty sweet:cornut: :cornut: :cornut: :cornut: ....

i got mine and love it...6'0" 175lbs and a large fits perfectly.

good luck Craig! when i get the 5point5, I'll be sure to hit you up! :thumbsup:
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