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Looking for intermediate trails in the Oakland area

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Any one suggest a good intermediate trail with good climbs and descents in Oakland or around that area? An I want to throw up climb and descents that will give me nightmares at night. I've done a couple of trails around that area, but have not found anything worth riding on twice!! If any one could point me to the right direction or take me along for their ride, i'd truly appreciate it. Thanks in advance. Happy New Year to all :)
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Climbs: Canyon @ Redwood
Descents: Cinderella or Chapparal @ Miller
I've done Cinderella, sorry but not impressed! =(
lvdrt said:
I've done Cinderella, sorry but not impressed! =(
Don't be sorry :) I generally stick to the pavement in the East Bay - my trail bike sees most of its action @ Skeggs, Demo, Annadel, Auburn, or Fairfax. JMP is cool, but I tend to like the longer, flowier descents found on larger trail networks.

Unfortunately, anything more impressive than Cinderella in the East Bay probably isn't legal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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