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looking for info on differences between Demo 7 and 8

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Did a search, but didn't come up with anything.

Anyways, I'm trying to substantiate some rumors that the Demo 7 and Demo 8 are basically the same frame. I know the 7 has a 1.5 headtube, and I know that the 7 also has some weird spacer on the shock shaft that limits the travel to 7", which, when removed, gives the bike just under 8" of travel.

In addition, the bikes use different shock lengths, listed as 8.75x2.75 for the 8 and 8.5x2.375 (which is NOT a standard size) for the 7. If you remove the shock shaft spacer on the 7, does it turn the shock into a normal 8.5x2.5? Or could I potentially put an 8.5x2.5 shock on a Demo 7 and get even slightly more travel out of it?

And can I assume that the shock mount "adapter" piece (the chunk o' metal at the forward shock mount that connects the shock to the frame) is what compensates for the different shock lengths on what appear to be otherwise identical frames?
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The demo 7 has shorter chainstays, the headtube angle on the bikes is also different. Not sure, but i think there is a difference in bb height.
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