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I have an older model Spark RC Contessa frame set that i am trying to get more info on. I bought it used years ago with a nice list of parts, but i didnt ride it much since the frame is too large for me. Its was a nice bike, but i never felt confident on it. I was impressed by how light it is, though, i think the entire bike weighted in around 23-24lbs, which was lighter than anything else i had ever ridden at that point.

So far, what i do know is that the frame is from somewhere between 2005 and 2010 and that it is super light. What i am not sure of is the details about the frame. What is the suspension travel, was there any known issues with the design, what it is worth, and some other random trivia like how common was it back in the day. Stuff like that. I am not as well versed on Scott bikes as i am with GT, which i seem to be collecting, lately, lol.

I guess the other thing i need to figure out is what to do with it, not sure if i should keep it as wall art or find it a new home with someone that cane actually ride and appreciate it.

Sorry if i come across as rambling, i just realized that it is 1am and i have been going since 7am, lol.

What do you guys think?

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