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Howdy Forum Folk,

So I did well on my taxes this year and the wife gave me the thumbs up on getting a new rig. I better hurry before she changes her mind. Anywho.... I'm looking to drop around $2600 on it. My LBS sells Scott, Yeti and Santa Cruz. I've been kinda perusing the Superlight29 R XC 29 w/ 32 Float CTD 120 and also the Scott Spark 750.

I live in WI, so no mountians, just the hills and bluffs of the SW region. I would say it fits into the XC catagory. I usually do one or two Cat2 WORS races a year just to get out on some tracks I don't usually hit.

I'm currently riding a '10 Stumpy FSR comp. Love the bike, but in retrospect would have probably go with the Epic if I could do it again. No dancing around it, I'm fat. 6' 245lbs, so that has to come into consideration.

Just looking for some input and/or thoughts.

Thanks in advance
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