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I posted this in the wheel and tire section, but thinking I might get some more help here.

I'm looking for a new wheelset for my Tallboy LTC. Currently running DT 350 hubs and WTB I23 rims. This combo held up well for a season of riding, but looking to lose some weight and maybe gain some stiffness.

I ride in the northeast, think lots of rock gardens. I weigh around 210 geared up and classify my riding as light am. Nothing huge 4-6ft drops and jumps. I do some lift served on occasion. Looking for a strong, durable, and reasonably light weight wheelset. Looking for a inner rim diameter of at least 21 and looking to setup tubeless. 15mm upfront 12X142 rear.

Budget is around $1000, Give or take. Possible wheelsets based on reviews: American Classic All mountain, E13 TRs, Charger pro sl, or go with a custom build?
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