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Looking for feedback on Sworks Fast Trak 2bliss

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Does anyone have any experience with running the Specialized sworks fast trak LK as a tubeless setup. What little I've heard is these don't work very well as a tubeless set up. Sidewalls to thin or something. Just curious to hear feedback before trying. I already have the tire and have ridden it with a tube. Need reliabilty as would be used for racing.
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Yes they are hard to seal up. I had better luck with the Control. They have a better side wall that is less prone to cuts also.
The Fast Track only does one thing well, rolls fast. Everything else sucks, especially off camber stuff.

Good luck.
I have run both and prefer ther racing ralph to the fast trak, although the RR is more $$$
The S-Works Captain 2-Bliss if far better in every respect than the Fast Trak.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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