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Looking for Biking Friends

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Hey Everyone,

So I have lived in San Diego for 6 years now and love to mountain bike. I The problem is I have yet to find any riding partners or groups in which to ride with. Riding by yourself gets old after awhile and I would love to find some people to push me and my riding a bit. I live in Encinitas and ride locally often at La Costa, Tunnels, Penasquitos, Hodges, Daley Ranch etc....

I would love to find some new places to ride and some new people to ride with. I currently ride on a Salsa Big Mamma 29er and a Commencal Meta 666. I consider myself an all mountain rider.

Anyhow hit me up if anyone out there wants to meet up and ride lost my job a little while back so I currently have plenty of free time to ride. Down to get out to east county(noble etc)! Also I have a light so I would love to get some night riding in.


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Im currently going to UCSD and live in Mira Mesa...mainly ride penesquitos out of convenience but would be interested in exploring more of SD before I graduate...I have a set of minewts somewhere if i can find them
Did you sign up and introduce yourself in yet? I frequent the Laguna and Cuyamaca mountains and if you hit me up in advance i can ride Noble with you(sorry no shuttling).:thumbsup:
Down to ride noble on Friday if anyone wants too
I won't be able to ride Noble until in 2 weeks time because of my clavicle injury but soon after that i can go. I will post up a ride and you can come with.

Where are those pictures taken?
Hey guys, I go to ucsd as well, got a light and am down for some riding. Let me know when you guys go, but im probably busy friday.
i cant fridays...but im open most other afternoons
I'm in the North Park-ish area. I'm a newb to MTB'g but looking to get more into it. Picked up a used '07 Trek 6000 that's pretty much stock. Would be open to going out with you guys sometime...

in a couple of weeks i will let you guys know. I am dying to head back out there.
How about a Sunday afternoon ride anyone interested
Im not sure if i can on sunday...but is anyone open during the week? I can do afternoon on monday/weds and anytime tues/thurs
I can do monday afternoon or wed afternoon or really anytime....pick a place and time next week and I will meet up for a ride
I have class until 1 on mondays, so anytime after that...tues im open anytime before 5...are you familiar with many areas...I ride LPQ all the time and have done Hodges a couple of times but would be interested in checking out somewhere new
Lets do a 3pm ride at penasquitos to start with on Monday seeing as how its convenient for both of us.....Hit me up at [email protected] and will figure out the details for a nice ride.
If you guys are goin Thurs afternoon I'd like to come along
I may be able to do thurs afternoon...ill let you know later this you ever ride in the woods on campus...some pretty stuff tucked away
jhenesey said:
How about a Sunday afternoon ride anyone interested
We're riding Lake Hodges North at 8:30 am. We'll be parked in the corral behind the gas stations.

Also, I'm good to start riding after work again.
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