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I had a KHS Solo-One SE, which I loved. Bought it as a snow bike for NYC streets for $300 and rode the **** out of it on the streets and started to learn on the trails. Came out from the bar last night to find everything gone off the bike except what I locked: the rear wheel and the frame and cranks. Fork, front wheel, cockpit, saddle + seatpost stolen :(

Today I got to thinking: while I did love the KHS, it was a little limiting on the trails: I'm a brand new rider and the hills were kicking my ass, some gears might be nice.

So, in essence, I'm looking for the do-everything bike on a budget, and probably asking the moon. Not sure it matters, but I'm 5'10 and 150 - don't need something that can take a clyde. Already have a pile of other bikes sitting in the house, so I'd rather have this one do dual duty as a winter commuter and a trail bike.

I want:
- something that can be run both SS or geared. Plan to run it as a rigid SS in the wintertime on snow and ice, and a 1x9 in the summer on the trails.
- something I wont' feel too bad about running through shitty NYC weather + winters, and not too flashy or expensive since it'll be a lockup bike/commuter in the winter
- rigid fork with option to add a suspended one (or vice versa, I suppose)
- used is preferable
- ideally $600-800, could maybe stretch a bit
- doesn't need to take big hits, giant drops, etc. I'm still learning, so I'm not going to be beating on the bike or demanding much from it.

I don't mind wrenching + building, but my sense is buying complete is much cheaper. I'm open to trying to collect some parts for the KHS and resurrect it if I can run gears on it.

I'll troll ebay + CL for something suitable, but what should I be looking for?

So far on the list:
-Monocog Flite
-Karate Monkey
-El Mariachi
-Kona Unit


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If you can get a dérailleur hanger for the khs, I'd go with what you've got. You'll need a wheelset (with geared back wheel) (~$150), rear dérailleur/shifter/cables, something like a Karate Monkey fork ($50). Cheapest way is to just leave it at that---1x9 set up. Spend the rest on security.
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