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Looking for advice on a carbon rigid fork

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Hi guys,

I got a sweet deal on a '04 Jamis Dragon frame. I want to put a carbon fork on it, but am not sure about what size to put on it. There seem to be a lot on ebay, but the dropout to crown lengths vary. The frame was designed for an 80mm susp. fork. Any suggestions on brand and length?


The Rev. Patrick
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I'm running this in the 465mm length on a bike designed around an 80mm suspention fork.
Is this Thee, The Reverend Patrick from Missouri?

If so.....Dude! Long time no see!

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425mm and 445mm are the axle to crown measurments that are for most 26er's, that's not to say that you couldn't put a 465mm a-c on there.
Very cool...

That IS me. I'm still riding that same bike. I should have worn goggles going through that puddle. Thanks for posting it!

WB rock solid... 465 AC. win.
I was looking for a good thread to break down rigid carbon forks:

1. Varied crown lengths differences (i.e. when riding noteable diffs if AC = 445mm or 465mm if running 26" or 650b front wheel)

2. Carbon leg response when riding in comparison to steel rigid.

3. Differences between all these rigid carbon forks (as there are so many and I understand most of them are made at teh saem factory in Tawian): Origin 8, White Bros, Pace, Niner, Carver, etc.
I'm running a white bros fork 445mm on my 29er with 2.3 stouts with no problem. I love it.
The Niner is 470 mm and 45 degrees. I bought one for my new build but am still waiting on the frame.
I bought a Shimano Pro Carbon 465 from a LBS employee. So far I am very happy with it. It is nearly indistinguishable in design from the WB rock solid.
stumonkey: 420mm, 430, 445, 470, 490. Either raced out (raleigh xxix) or jacked up downhill positioning (niner).
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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