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If this is not appropriate to post, please let me know and I will immediately delete it...

I have a winter cycling related website selling one product. I am looking for a content/copy/creative writer to write a couple more pages for it to add more depth and a personal touch to it.

The copy doesn't have to pimp the product per say, but obviously it has to be related. Maybe a funny story, a real-life experience, a benefit of the product, etc... something creative.

Not looking for a book, just a few averaged sized pages with content.

Please PM me if you're interested. I'll need some previous examples of your creative writing and also your rates for the job. I can't pay much, believe me I make barely enough to buy a 6-pack a week off it. But hey I figure a college kid can make a few bucks for writing.

All work is to be kept strictly confidential. I do not want any website names or product info posted on this website.
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