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This weekend, the Los Alamos Fat Tire Festival in northern NM will take place, and there's a [email protected]@ DH event on Sunday. Los Alamos is home to an incredible amount of trails and the DH course is a classic rocky mountain ride. Rock garden, drops, nasty [email protected] and FAST! Easy / cheap venue access and accomadations, free camping at the ski hill at Camp May, good spectator turnout likely (who love watching the gravity powered nuts do there thing!). I'm just a lowly XC racer, and have been helping the promoter/friend out with some of the course work and organization.

If you're jonesing for a race in place of the cancelled Eldora MSC race, c'mon down! Los Alamos is about a half hour off of 285/84 once you get down past Espanola from the north, or past Santa Fe from the south.....

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