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I have an old Henry James Universal frame jig which I used to build my first frame. I recently went to start my second frame and I cannot find the instruction manual for the jig anywhere. It's gone. I've torn the house and garage apart and can't find it anywhere. I don't know if my kids took it and used it for coloring pages or a wormhole opened up beneath it and sucked it into an alternate universe, but I cannot find it.

The setup was kind of tricky and there were a bunch of conversion charts in the back of the manual that I need. I only built one frame on it, so I can't remember everything.

I have reached out to Henry James a few weeks ago, but they haven't been able to get me what I need so far. I'm still hoping they can help, however this jig is probably close to thirty years old, so....

Is anyone else out there building on a Henry James Universal jig? If so, would you be willing to scan your manual and share it with me? It would be very much appreciated. Wheel Tire Bicycle tire Bicycle frame Bicycle accessory
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