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Looking for a deal on hub and cassette

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I have a K2 EVO 4.0 that needs a new hub and cassette. The current hub is a Shimano FH M475 and they are known for issues. The free hub is worn and I'm finding it hard to find individual parts such as bearings, race's and a hub for this series. It apprears most offer the complete hub for about the same price as the free hub alone so I'm inclided to go that route and canabalize. The cassette I've decided on is a SRAM PG 990 in 11/34t. Any one know where I might find a deal on these two items...and quick? Cheers.
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Is your plan to re lace the same rim...because you might just buy a new rear wheel
No not really. The current wheel and race's in the hub are okay. It's just that the free hub's I'm finding that will fit are as expensive as a complete new hub w/free hub. Buying the whole hub gives me some extra parts for the future, i.e bearings, hubs, etc. Ideas?
Thnx "rlouder" I bought the M475 on e bay so I will now have a new free hub and spare parts. Got the PG990 from a bike shop in SLC. Will be good to go next week. Cheers.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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