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Hey Everyone,

Just a novice here looking to pick up a decent hardtail to ride "all-mountain" singletrack. Nothing extreme. I'm looking to stay under 600 dollars and to buy locally. I've narrowed it down to 4 bikes: Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc(480), Specialized Hardrock Comp Disc(580), Kona Blast, or possibly Kona Shred. What are your guys' opinions? My friend has an 06 Hardrock Pro and it seems to be a great bike so I'm kind of leaning towards Specialized right now.



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"what bike to buy" section.

of those bikes, I'd go with one of the specs, unless you're big/hard on bikes, then I'd think about one of the konas.

but seriously, use the section intended for threads like this
(also helps if you list geo preferences, your weight, riding style, etc)
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