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I recently decided to replace my Fenix HP25r with a Yinding as my Snowboarding/Sledding helmet lamp. The Fenix would always start rattling at high speeds, so I needed something with a sturdy mount.

The problem seems to be finding the right battery for it. I only need about an hour max of runtime, so I can't bring myself to carry around a big bulky 4*18650 battery case.

Getting a dedicated battery pack for it seems a bit silly. I'd probably have to get two (one as backup), get a charger which I don't have, and deal with the shipping restriction issue. For a light I will only use about 10 times a year. All while I have plenty of good quality 18650 cells laying around.

So, where do i find a 2*18650 case? The old Fenix case seems to be discontinued, the new one you cannot buy separately from the headlamp. I did send a message to that indian website that still has the old case listed, but didn't hear back from them.
The c&b seen case isn't listed on their website anymore.

Has anyone here been able to find a source for these cases?

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