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I need skills
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13" or 13.5" would be fine.

Last year I bought my oldest son a Trek 4900. Trek no longer sells that line. Trek does have the 3700 in a 13". However, that model is half the quality. Every single component is cheaper and heavier, the tires are more of city tread. The gearing is relatively high for a kid size mt bike. I am not going to put the younger son on a dramatically lessor bike. Swapping just about every component isn't realistic.

I have looked at Scot, Speci, giant, GT, Cannondale, Trek, Diamondback, Raleigh, Craigslist and Ebay. Can't find anything.

Any suggestions on a brand to look at?

thanks in advance,


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I would look @ the islabikes creig 26 $1100 new- all kid specific. They are sold online out of a Portland Oregon store front. We got one of their CX bikes & love it.
Others worth a look:
Kona fire mountain
Older Specialized era (ebay?)
Occasionally you will find a Craigslist score. You don't need disk brakes on a kids bike
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