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Looking for 596 ERD Rims

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Hey guys, I recently built up a used hardtail with some parts I already had. The wheelset is older, non-boost Sun-Ringle Charger Pro. 29 wheels but the rim internal width is like 21mm. The hubs are pretty nice, decent engagement, and they are a cool red anodized. I want to rebuild the hubs to new rims that are about 30mm internal. I'm being cheap, so I was going to re-use the spokes.

I found Velocity Blunt 35 rims, which have a 597 ERD, but they only come in a 32 hole. I need 28 hole.

Does anyone know of a new 29" rim with 28 hole count and an ERD of nearly 596? Other suggestions are welcome, I might even spring for a $500 wheelset if there's anything decent at that price point.

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Put in your desired ERD and spoke count, and see what comes up.
Thanks Polk. That's where I came upon the Velocity offerings. I see the Blunt SS is a little narrower, but meets the same criteria. I'm seeing some negative reviews though, so maybe not the best rim to use, especially on a hardtail.
Funny, just last year a college destroyed his 21mm sunringle rim which also had an ERD of 596mm.

We looked like crazy, but only found a few Mavic rims and a Raceface, umm arc or so, if I remember it right.

Found these for cheap, ERD is 599. Might be worth a shot?

They have 2 versions. One has thicker sidewalls, I'm assuming that would be stronger, and maybe best for the rear.
How much are 28 spokes?
If you use DT Swiss 16mm spokes, you can use a 599-600 mm ERD rim
Carbonfan has some.
Thanks! Price is a bit higher than I wanted, but good to know!
How much are 28 spokes?
Well it's 56 spokes, and they range from $1.20 to $2.xx. I'm trying to do this as cheaply as possible.
If you use DT Swiss 16mm spokes, you can use a 599-600 mm ERD rim
Thanks Hokie, I will definitely keep that in mind if I buy the E-thirteen TRS+ rims.
This carbon rim TR930X with ERD 595mm.
Thanks! Good to see another carbon option, although a bit more than I wanted to spend.

I got an email back from Velocity. They will have the 28 hole Blunt 35 rims back in stock in Feb. Weird, because their page mentions nothing about 28h, and I thought they make and drill their own rims anyway?
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