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How not to start your race……

The 2007 “12 hrs of Temecula” #1 which is now called “12 hrs of Socal”

Well I was feeling crappy the week leading up to the race but felt I was whimpin out so I decided to do it the day before. Not sure it was a good idea but I went for it. Sucka!

I got there a bit late but plenty enough time to make the start. Turns out the single speed class is expanding…I was told aprox 10 solo singles registered for the event and some pretty fast guys at that.

But I got different strategy this time..instead of carrying a camelback and doing 3 lap turns I am riding light and doing 1-20 oz btl per lap. Made 11 btls up before the race and parked them in a tub trailside with bananas and gu’s. So I will just shoot thru transition, stop and swap btls and go…..

So off we go and I am hanging with the group, down the dirt road to start the Dam climb, round the turn and up we go….

I am feeling pretty good so far, thru the first rise, level off and hitting the next rise and BAM! My right foot slams to the ground. First thing that goes thru my mind is…..”Aw F..., I broke a chain” then I hear a voice behind me speak: Hey dude….your crank is laying in the trail! I look down and I only have 75% of the drive side crank….and of course no pedal.

Un-F'n believable……why now.

So I stand there for a minuet or two…contemplating what to do (I got some rap going). Do I try and do a lap or dally back to the pit and drink beer. I could one leg pedal a lap…..yea fat chance. So I head back….at my pit the computer registered 4.85 miles in 25 min’s…and my race is over. Not even much of a damn warm-up.

So when I ride up people are wondering what the F…. am I doing back. Then they see….Bummer. A friend yells…”Dude, take my bike”….I said no way, what will you ride? His rebuttal is “I will find another, your F'n riding my bike”. So we switch pedals, do a semi quick set-up and off I go. Aprox 35-40 min after the other racers left.

My friend is a bit taller and heavier than I so he rides a large sized frame and the fork and pushes a harder gear…**** the fork was so stiff it might as well be rigid. It is going to be a long day…..and a lot of climbing. Oh and did I tell you it was pink? Nuthin like riding a big P.U.S.S.! (pink ugly single speed)

Anyway to make a long story short….I did fairly well considering the circumstances and set backs.

5th place

9 laps in 11:31

93 miles

13,482 ft climbing

No podium this time…but I learned a re-newed appreciation for my bike…..and my friends.

So whatever you do…..don’t start your race like I did….it makes for a long day…..

See you on the trail,



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Mate, that sounds like an effort and a half!

5th place overall? and on a SS! You'd kick my slow proverbial arse any day- nice work.

How old were those crank arms?

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That sucks... at one race I went to a few years ago the race promoter walked up to to guy who was running the clock for the race. He spoke up and asked if anyone was missing a crank arm and held up a brand new XTR non-drive side crank arm with pedal. My buddy said, "Yup, that would be me," collected his broken crank and walked off to his car. That's Murphy for ya...
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