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Are loose hubs easy to fix on azonic outlaws? I seems people say it's as easy as new bearings. But then some say it didnt work. Could that be actual hub damage? I'm checking out a wheelset that hasloose hubs, but the price is right. I don't mind throw a few bucks into them if thy are going to come out good. The price on the azonics is 180 shipped.

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Unless you can get your hands on the wheels and inspect them before buying, pass! You never know how a used wheel has been used/abused. A simple bearing replacement may be all that is needed. Then again the bearing seats in the hubs may well be shelled. Yeah it's a good price, but unless you know for absolute certain that a bearing replacement will solve the problem, don't go there.

You're call. You could end up with a nice set of wheels at a good price. Or you could end up with a pair of $180 paper weights. You pays you money and takes you chances!

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