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Oh my Burner,
Oh how I see
the future laid out
so Burner-beautifully before me.

My sweet, shiny, sparkly lovely Burner and me
will be forever together, my Burner and me
I need you, I want you,
what else need I say?
You will be mine; I covet you oh!
how I adore you my
splendiferous trinket of joy

I am yours, you are mine
And together we will travel
From this world to the next, then beyond to the other.
(might need the 4” plates with Romic tho)

I will care for you and share with you
The splendors that we see
My Burner, you will be mine,
burning, oh sweet burning for me.

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And I thought I was creative.............Splediferous :p . Enjoy the ride, keep smilin' and above all don't crash the time your Burner takes you through a crescendo of orgasmic joy :D .

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an explanation of sorts

I wrote that "poem" (if thats what you could call it- creative writings never been my strong point) in a particuarly good mood after seeing my accountant, who had the good news that I'm to receive a nice fat tax return because I was taxed too much last financial year- yippee.

I consider myself a experienced mountain biker and know what I want, and I have been drooling over what to get to replace my venerable ATX 990 as a 24 hour solo machine. Reading the Turner board has made the decision easy- fully active, servicable bushings, great C/S, friendly and helpfull dudes on the MTBR Turner board etc etc. I had thought it would be an impossible dream to get one but now it looks like a reality.

The finished bike though will look like a bit of a dog, as I can't afford to buy new parts and thus will be stripping stuff off my other two MTBs to slap onto the Burner. Forks are the big issue, I have a pair of heavy 99 Z1 alloys on the Duallie and some flexy 2000 Manitou SX-Rs on the hardtail. Im going to put the Z1s on and eventually get some Marathon S' (which I guess are almost the same but a tiny bit lighter with ETA).

After all the years of buying and servicing (and now not being able to get) replacement bushings for the ATX990, and flexy frame issues, I am very much looking forward to the Burner. Anyway I'll stop crapping on now and post pics when its all done.

Cheers. Rob,
the MWWH
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