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Look at this scam

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How stupid does he think I am?
Thanks a lot for your mail, I'm located in Singapore. I'm ok with the pics. I will be willing to buy your (RENAULT CLIO 1.4 16V ) at the said amount of $1,200. As regards payment, this is what i am going to do, I have a client in the US who is owing me $6,700, I would instruct him to make out a cashier's cheque to you. Although the value of the cheque is more than the price of the (RENAULT CLIO 1.4 16V ) I think, I should be able to trust you with my balance. The reason why i am doing this is that it would take a check sent from over here inSingapore 30days to clear over there, whereas a check sent from within the US would clear tops within 48hrs. So I will expect that you send my balance to my Personal Assitant through Western Union Money Transfer after deducting the cost of the (RENAULT CLIO 1.4 16V) he will instruct the shipping company to come to your location forthe pick up . So if my terms are acceptable to you, I would like you to give me your f ull name, address and phone numbers so that I can instruct my client to make out the check to you. Pls get back to meas soon as you get this mail so that I can know my stand. God bless you and your family.
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i say go for it, get the cash, then send out the bike, and keep all the other money:)...but as long as you get the cash before you send it youre good
Sam Alter said:
i say go for it, get the cash, then send out the bike, and keep all the other money:)...but as long as you get the cash before you send it youre good
Only if you get the cash from a check cashing place and don't give out any of your personal info. It's a scam. I've seen the same scam worded the same way with the same instructions before. The check will clear your bank, giving you cash. In a couple weeks they'll figure out the check was no good then come after you for the money.
Almost the same thing happened to me when I tried to sell a BMX bike. I did some research and found out that you are responsible for the money lost when the check comes through as fake. So suddenly you're out the bike and $4000. Not pretty. Here's some more info:

Man, nothing beats the Nigerian Princes whose A$$hole dad wants to take her $13 million bucks so how about you keep the money to keep it safe. All you need to do is send 'em #20 bucks for mailing fees y' know, like sending the safe container with 13 mil in it to your opwn personal bank account... HAHA. assh0les. lemme give you this link. It sums up my last and final experience with them.....

This link is not for the faint of heart. I really opened up on them. For the first and last time did i ever express this much negative emotion online...
the nigerian one is a good one

If anyone does the nigerian one they deserve it.

The first e-mail I got was how much was I asking. It was on the add for 1100 so I told him 1200. He never even asked if I would go lower. This is his second e-mail to me. Never asked me any info about the bike.
It's a scam. You should send him an empty box filled with weights and claim its a bike. Just so he has to pay whatever custom duties are required.... it would be just like "p-p-p-powerbook" the Scammer.htm
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