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Longer fork on 2004 100mm Stumpy?

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Anybody running a longer fork on their 4" Stumpjumper? I'm thinking either a Fox Talas or RS Revelation. I'm thinking I need to still be able to drop down to 100mm for the climbs, but for the descents I'd like to have more front travel and a less agressive stance and head tube angle.

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I'm running a 120mm. Do it.
I have an 04 stumpy with a 115 mm Reba. At 115mm, the bike is less twitchy and feels more controlled, and does not feel weird climbing. I also rode the bike with a 130mm Magura Laurin, which made the bike feel WEIRD. The front end was WAY too high in the front compared to the rear, giving the bike a funky attitude on the trail and making climbing a chore.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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