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Long or Mid?

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Please help me understand what is the difference? i have a 05 blitz with all XT and i just busted my rear D. im picking up another XT or XTR since it lasted me 3 years with some heavy abuse. should i go with a long cage or mid cage. what is the difference?

my riding style is very technical and i ride fast. up or downhill it doesn’t matter im constantly shifting and braking. my local trails are loose dusty over hard packed and tons of rocks and roots. so as you can see shifting is very important for me. im not a weight weenie as you can tell. my blitz is not a light bike. what about the Saint series. i read on this site everybody seems to love them especially the bottom out feature, but i dont know if it will work with my XT shifters. which is appealing to me. i have huge scuff marks from my old D slapping on the chain stay. i have a lizard skin on it and its ripped from all the slapping.
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Long Cage XT, with explanation

The biggest thing that determines whether or not you need a long or short cage derailleur is your cogset. Assuming you're running 3 chainrings in front (you don't say) and an 11-32or 11-34 cogset (you don't say) then you would want to go with the long cage, so as best to take up all the chain slack as possible. if you have a smaller cogset, only run 2 chainrings, or are super careful about not being cross-chained, then the mid cage would be ok. But otherwise just get the long cage.

As far as the Saint derailleur goes, you need the Saint hub to match it; instead of attaching to the frame like most derailleurs, the Saint attaches to the hub axle. So unless you have a hub with a compatible axle - Saint or Hone (I believe they're compatible) - you can't use the Saint derailleur. The Saint derailleur is currently only available as a low-normal (RapidRise) but supposedly there will be high-normal versions coming. So unless you've got the new style dual control levers, the low-normal derailleur isn't going to shift as nice.

So basically if you want the Saint derailleur you need a new rear wheel and likely new shifters as well.

Get the XT. When you bang the hell out of it, it will be cheaper to get a new one. I've replaced my XTR stuff with XT as it wears out, the XT stuff is 90% as good and 50% as expensive.
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Go long

When in doubt, go with a long cage. It will give you the most fexablity for gearing ranges.
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