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Nothing fantastic unfortunately

Probably the closest is Lebanon State Forest, not certain of the exit, but its in the general vacinity of that stretch of Parkway. Haven't ridden there since I did a race probably close to 10 years ago (Mt. Misery). NO HILLS. the highest hill is maybe five feet. Lots of rolling single track, its a surprisingly large place. But if you're in need of a fix it'll do ya...

Farther north, say exit 98 is Allaire, which is okay, but kind of far and not enormously better than Lebanon. And south, down in the range of exit 50's, is Wharton State forest, which is actually connected to Lebanon via the Batona Trail, though I'm not certain if mountain bikes are allowed on this trail anymore. Again, nothing in the way of hills, but it is the largest area of park in NJ, for what thats worth. When I was in college, this was the closest place, and some days we'd ride for hours without seeing another person.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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