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long awaited return to Downieville.

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well not that long, '08 last time.:thumbsup: Wifey and I are dropping into Downieville next week on our "Escape the Frickin' Winter" trip to US. We're planning on shuttling the DH a couple of times one day but have a half day before and a full day after to fill. Last time we were there we rode rode Big Boulder trail and something else that included riding up 2nd divde from town. :confused: Any suggestions for a 2hr ride and say a 5 or 6hr ride?????? Probably prefer to ride from town but have a car or could get a shuttle. We'll be rollin' SS but don't mind working.
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Maybe check out some of the trail that goes down the mountain from Downieville, to Goodyears Bar, The North Yuba Trail?
Ride north to the A-Tree

From Packer Saddle, ride out north to the A-Tree, then descend on Lavazzola Creek trail, finishing up on 1st Divide trail.

That's a good 4-6 hour ride, some of the best trail in the area, with big sweeping views. I think it comes in at around 20 - 25 miles.
What about the recently SC hyped "Butcher Trail"?

Me personally...I'd hit up Yuba for the 9am and 1pm shuttles. Do it proper and twice.
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