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Lodging close to Gooseberry?

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I'm thinking of taking a road trip around Christmas to check out the riding in the area (weather permitting of course). Can anyone recommend lodging or a town (where I can search for lodging) that is relatively close to the trail system?
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Hurricane is the nearest. Springdale is also close although the road can be iffy this time of year. St George has lots of lodging and is maybe 20 miles.
I like to stay at the Days inn in Hurricane, it's cheap, clean and close to the good stuff. Also has a decent hot tub and pool.

Hurricane Days Inn

If you want to stay in St. George to be closer to places to eat or the incredible night life (ya right), the coronada is good.


Have Fun, but keep an eye on the weather. If it gets too rainy the gooseberry road can be a sloppy muddy mess. So far this year has been pretty dry though.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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