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Just bought my daughter a small loco moto.
I've got a few ?'s.
1.Seat post diameter.
2. front der. diameter
3. what do the 3 holes do in the swing arm do(ie, more progressive/ falling rate, longer/shorter travel,ect).
4. best cable routing.

I've done a few searches with no real luck as I know the bike is a little dated.( my 11 year old wont mind or know the difference).;)
Thank you for any and all help.:thumbsup:

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This is what I found, link at the bottom. I just built up my old frame for my son and it is still one sweet ride.

If you're a rider looking for rock solid performance and value from a lightweight, long travel trail bike, then check out the 2004 Titus Loco-Moto.Mountain Bike Action says "You'd be hard pressed to find a better long-travel trail bike"(1) and we fully agree. If that's not enough, here's 4 more great reasons why the Loco-Moto could be the perfect bike for you.· Stiff and Light: The Loco's stout, motocross-inspired swingarm and double triangle front end make for a flex free chassis with incredible stand-over clearance and a frame weight that rivals most cross-country designs. You can have your cake and eat it too. · Advanced Suspension: The Loco-Moto's revolutionary low-pivot point and four travel positions allow you to easily switch from 4 to just under 5 inches of rear wheel travel while simultaneously adjusting how plush the bike rides for your particular terrain. Click here to find out why the Loco-Moto's suspension performance blows away any other single-pivot designs available today. · New Stable Platform Suspension: For 2004, there are more shock options giving you the ability to customize your Loco-Moto with an air or coil-over shock. With over 6 shocks to choose from, You can set the Loco-Moto up for anything that may come your way. · Fork Options: The Loco-Moto's stout front triangle enables you to run anything from a 3" travel XC fork to a 6" travel dual crown.* Whether your version of a trail ride is a single track through the woods or a 5 foot rock drop, the Loco-Moto has you covered. Loco-Moto complete bike with disc package Click to view pdf for complete details.Special Facts:· New stable platform shock technology makes the Loco-Moto perform like the most complex designs on the market. · Geometry designed for a 100mm + travel fork. · Adjustable travel and rate. Travel ranges from 4" to 4.75". Each travel position changes the overall feel of the suspension from XC firm to Freeride plush. Simple, light and adjustable. · Butted tubeset and custom extruded rear triangle. · X shaped front triangle tube design can take all kinds of abuse without adding weight. · 10.5" frame featuring women specific geometry - the smallest long travel full suspension bike made! Fits riders to 4'11" tall. · Replaceable derailleur hanger- aluminum or stainless steel options available. · Integrated universal disc brake mount with disc cable guides. · Oversize sealed angular contact bearing main pivot - like a Chris King Headset. · Fully active inspired design rides like our Horst-Link equipped bikes with a small amount of traction adding suspension stiffening when climbing. Climbs like a goat - can truly be used for cross-country or all-around use. - CLICK here to see how!
The extra-small Loco-Moto is the smallest long travel frame made. Featuring women-specific geometry, the extra-small Loco-Moto fits riders as petite as 4'11". Click here to find out more about women's sizing and how Titus fully caters to the female cyclists needs.

X-Small 21.30 70.00 74.00 16.75 11.00 13.00 3.50 41.20 12.90 24.95
Small 22.60 70.50 73.00 16.75 14.90 17.25 4.00 42.00 13.25 27.00
Medium 23.25 70.50 73.00 16.75 17.20 19.50 4.25 42.70 13.25 29.90
Large 24.00 70.50 73.00 16.75 19.00 21.25 5.50 43.50 13.25 28.90

Answers to commonly asked questions:Q. What is different with the new frame design?A. The new frame design features geometry for a 100mm+ travel fork, and a stiffer, stronger chassis. The X-tube configuration gives the front triangle strength and stiffness on par with most downhill designs ensuring that the Loco-Moto is built to last.Q. How do I adjust the travel on the Loco-Moto frame?A. There are four travel holes on the front shock tab. Each travel hole will change travel by _ inch. Adjusting the travel is as easy as moving the 6mm bolt from one hole to another. The hole closest to the down tube will give you the least amount of travel and the firmest ride while the top hole will provide maximum travel and a super plush ride. Adjusting travel is so easy, it can even be done on the trail.Q. Will changing the travel effect the geometry? A. No, changing the travel has no effect on the frames geometry.Q. How much does the Loco-Moto weigh? A. A small polished Loco-Moto frame with an air shock weighs 5.4 lbs. With careful parts selection from our Custom Group Kit program, the Loco-Moto can be built under 23 lbs. The average Loco-Moto complete bike weighs between 25-26lbs.Q. What rear shock comes on the Loco-Moto?A. The Loco-Moto comes stock with a, Manitou Q-R, FOX Float R, or FOX Vanilla R coil shock. Available upgrades for the Loco-Moto include the FOX Float RL (lockout), FOX Vanilla RL coil-over (lockout), Manitou 3-way Swinger air or coil, Manitou 4-way Swinger air or coil, and Progressive 5th Element air.Q: Why would I choose one shock choice over another?A: All three shock brands feature some form of stable platform valving technology. However, that is not to say that they all feel the same or offer the same features. The following list will give you the key differences and hopefully make your decision a little easier:MANITOU Q-R: Great all around performer- plush & reliable air shock performance. FOX FLOAT R & RL-PRO PEDAL: Great pedal performance but pedaling stiffness vs. plushness is not adjustable like on Manitou and 5th Element shocks.FOX VANIILA COILS-PRO PEDAL: Plush coil shock action with Pro Pedal damped pedaling performanceMANITOU 3-WAY AIR OR COIL W/ SPV : Great shock upgrade with adjustable small pump sensitivity vs. pedaling stiffness-allows rider to tune the feel for rider weight, pedaling, and plushness.MANITOU 4-WAY AIR OR COIL WITH SPV: same as above with a progressiveness adjustment. Rider can adjust the level of plushness at the end of the stroke. THIS IS THE BEST PERFORMING COIL AND AIR SHOCK OPTION FOR THE LOCO-MOTO!PROGRESSIVE 5TH ELEMENT AIR: Lightest shock available. Very similar to Man. 3-way with more air volume for a slightly plusher ride without sacrificing pedaling performance. Most expensive upgrade.Q: What is stable platform valving technology and what does it do for me?A: A riders' weight shifts, such as standing up to sprint, or pedaling more forcefully will get the suspension on any current suspension design to move up and down slightly, giving at least some sensation of "bob". The interesting thing is, from a rear shock standpoint, the shock movement is slightly different when a rider stands to sprint vs. the way the shock is activated when the bike actually hits a bump. The shock shaft moves at a very slow rate of speed during weight shifts or sprinting vs. a more rapid movement when encountering bumps in the trail. Stable Platform Technology is basically a method of separating and controlling those slow speed shock shaft movements. It allows for big improvements in pedaling performance and sprinting without adversely affecting the suspensions ability to absorb bumps. When set up correctly, you will experience a suspension system that is always working, yet never leaves you longing for a lock-out. Simply put, It works, It's awesome, and we consider it a revolution in shock technology!Q. Can I use different rear shocks on the Loco-Moto?A. The Loco-Moto is a very versatile frame. You can use any brand of rear shock that measures 7.875 eye-to-eye and has no more than a 2" stroke. Q. What front fork should I use on the Loco-Moto?A. The Loco-Moto is designed for a 100mm+ front fork. The bike will work well with any 4-5" travel fork.Q: Does the Loco-Moto use a replaceable derailleur hanger?A: Yes, the Loco-Moto has a replaceable derailleur hanger. The replaceable hanger on the Loco is made of forged aluminum. We now offer the replaceable hanger in a stainless steel option for 2004.Q. Who should buy this bike? A. Any rider looking for a very versatile bike that can do anything from XC to full-on aggressive trail riding, dual slalom, mountain cross, or even the occasional downhill race. Q. What do I need to know to build up my new Loco-Moto?A. The Loco-Moto frame uses a 27.2 seat post, 1 1/4" (31.8) conventional top pull, bottom swing front derailleur, 1 1/8" headset and a 73mm wide bottom bracket shell. The Loco-Moto geometry chart is based on running a fork with 100mm of travel. Running forks with 125mm of travel will change the head and seat angles by approximately 1 degree. Using our Custom Group Kit program to order a complete Loco-Moto will ensure proper parts compatibility as well as providing you only the highest quality, proven, lightweight components at a great value.6" travel single crowns excluded (1) Mountain Bike Action-Oct. 2003


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