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Lockout question newbie

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Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to this forum. I just bought an F5 this weekend and have a question regarding the front lockout. How is it supposed to work? My understanding was that the lockout when in place would not let the shock absorb the impact. I'm wondering if I'm not locking it out correctly. I twisted the lever in the direction of the lock until it stopped. Am I supposed to hear a click when it locks? I wasn't sure if its just that I'm supposed to apply a lot more force but didn't want to take the chance of beaking the lever.

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Not sure what fork it has (2009 F5? Rock Shox?) but usually, there are no clicks and don't force the lever. The lockout blocks the suspension so it doesn't absorb bumps but the goal is to stop any unwanted movement that sucks your energy on smooth flat sections or smooth climbs, especially when pedaling out of the saddle. Unless there is a blowoff valve, you shouldn't ride it locked when it's bumpy though, the hits will put some pressure on the seals and might eventually create leaks.
Exactly it has the Rock Shox Dart 3 its a 2009 model. When i was riding on the pavement with the lockout on i still noticed that the shock would still absorb impacts. It would do it alot less than when its fully turned on but wasnt sure if that was normal. thanks
Some forks have lockouts that completely locks out, others will stilll have some small amount of ovement... I would think your's is normal.
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