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Some dude is trying to sell me his ride for cheap. I thought it would make a great commuter/beater for me (Specialized Hardrock Comp). So when I went to pick it up today, I noticed something wierd with the skewers. I take a closer look, oh, ok... No QR, and then I also noticed that it wasn't a bolt-on either. It's some wierd locking skewer, it looks like they're made so that you can tighten them, but you can't loosen them. The dude lost the keys to it... So... Does anybody know what I'm talking about? Or better yet... Does anybody know how the he** to get them off?!?!

But uh... The best solution right now is a dremel tool... I would prefer a way to get the skewers off without risking damage to the bike (or myself), because you see... I'm not all that talented with a dremel tool...

Picture at...

Sorry, X-post.

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File some flats in them.

I would file some flats into them, then just grab them with a vise grip or some channel locks. Chances are they aren't on there too tight as the original key won't allow too much torque.

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